Sympathy for the Skinny Girl

OK, these skinny girls look annoying even to me...

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OK, I don’t really want to get all body issued up in this blog, but how we feel about ourselves and how those around us support that (or not) does relate to community.

My friends are generally under 5’6” and curvy. Very curvy. I think they are some of the sexiest women I know. I love their silhouettes, and spent a good chunk of my university career trying to pack on enough pounds to get my boobs to look like theirs.

But I am 5’9” and usually weigh around 135-145 lbs. For years I have had trouble keeping weight on. I haven’t had to buy a new size of clothing since high school.

I’m that girl.

Well, that girl sold out and went corporate and spends her days sitting at a desk… So that girl put on about 25 – 30 lbs in the last year and a half.

Do you think that girl can complain about having to go pants and bra shopping to her lovely, curvy friends? And expect a little support in return? Um, no.

Because the fact that my boobs now get in the way of my arms when I roll onto my side in bed is nothing compared to the fact that every day since puberty they’ve had to lug those things around while they get in the way of running, and v-neck sweaters, and people making jokes about floatation devices…

The fact that I had to go up a size in my pants, even though the jeans I bought 3 years ago were once too big for me is nothing compared to the fact that they are still wearing a larger size hip than I am…

The fact that I put on 25 pounds in a year and a half means that I am only now brushing up to 160, a number they’ve been looking at for years now – and they’re inches shorter than I.

So really what do I have to complain about?

* for the record, my friends are generally supportive of me and not at all horrible people. Body image brings out the worst in all women, I think. And clearly, it brings out the ranter in me. 🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by thesmittenimmigrant on November 6, 2012 at 4:01 am

    It seems to be so hard to understand for people that, at least on the personal level, body changes are relative to every person. 25 pounds to you is a huge change. A size up in jeans is huge to you. It may not be for them (or it may be, but they may think that’s because their starting point is ‘higher’ than yours), but it is too bad that they can’t see through the size label in y’all’s pants to what it means for you.

    On the other hand, maybe your friends are unwilling to support you in (what they possibly perceive as) lamenting about your weight because they’re worried it may set you up for an unproductive attitude about your body?

    Anyway. Body changes are weird and they can mess with your head. The focus on skinnier women as the current media-promoted beauty ideal has set up many a curvy woman with the idea that they’re always a little behind people with leaner builds. Maybe that, too, is why they couldn’t come through for you when you hoped they could.


    • Thanks, yeah, it’s usually along the veins of “You have nothing to complain about, whereas I’m a mess.” It’s unhealthy either way. And like you said, it’s hard for people to understand that it’s all personal, individual. They look at me and see “the ideal,” I look at me and see me. And since I know the 25 extra pounds are not muscle based, I’m looking to lament and get the pep talk to be motivated to make healthier choices now. You know, as I would do/have done for them.
      I like your take on it maybe being that they don’t want me to cultivate a negative impression of my body – it’s an interesting thought, which I will mull over. Thanks, again!


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