A Good Night…

Size Doesn’t matter in Friendship.. by Sethulal Trekila, courtesy Creative Commons License

Tonight was a good night. My best girl friend came over to my house (I know!) and my parents cooked an amazing feast, and we watched The Magnificent Seven, which she’d never before seen.

Then afterwards, she borrowed our internet to quickly send off her resume to me by email, so that I can try to help her change her work community.

It was nice.

It can be just that simple. Doing favours for one another, making quick one-liner jokes during the silent parts of an old western, breaking bread…

Sometimes life gets in the way, our heads get in the way, of something that should be so simple. Two people making a connection and enjoying a couple of hours in the other’s company.

It doesn’t have to be torrential downpours of emotion, we don’t have to fix each other’s world in one night – or at all. Just passing some time. Speaking lightly, smiling, laughing, nothing serious except the pull of camaraderie.

It was pleasant. And I look forward to many more like it.


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