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Ego Boost and Sunshine

Sunset and ripples

Golden Waves courtesy Evgeni Dinev/

Sometimes all it takes is a little ego boost.

I was driving home in rush hour traffic, per usual, but it was sunny and beautiful out, possibly the last windows-down driving day of the year.

So I’m bopping out to Happy Days theme song on my local oldies radio station, and I glance up and there’s someone staring at me.

So I smile, because yeah, you caught me, I’m that geek singing out loud and dancing in my seat as I sit at a red light.

And this cute someone smiles back and bops a little himself. I laugh. The light turns green, we move forward.

So we share the road for awhile and I notice, he’s matching my speed even though his lane is wide open. Then he starts honking for my attention. I look over and he’s making a motion like talking on a telephone. I laugh, because really, it’s hilarious – who gets picked up in a traffic jam?

Then he calls over, “I want to call you!”

So I shout back, “Thank you!”

And we drive off into the October sunset.

Well, separately, I think he may have pulled into the next parking lot, because I lost him.

At any rate, it was an awesome end to a fairly soulless day.

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