About Miss HNS

Miss Happ New Stance is always struggling for definition and rebirth. An ardent supporter of the importance of knowing denotative language, she nonetheless enjoys flagrant connotation.

At almost-thirty she feels she is just beginning to know what she wants – how to get it, well…

A confusing person herself, she is very much confused by the actions of others. Feeling the need for community and realizing her current situation leaves something to be desired, she began this blog, in the hopes of discussing communities, what they mean, and how they work.

Hoping you’ll enjoy her (and her words!) along your way, she hopes you stop by for a chat.

You can contact Miss Happ N Stance at:


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  1. […] will be much improved! I’d like to say a big thank you to Simple Heart Girl, Nonfashionista, Misshappnstance, Emma in euroland and Mittens Kittens for being my top commenters, I love all of your blogs […]


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